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Inventor's Statement
I think that it is a rare occurence that a new product arrives in the marketplace that outperforms the competition to the degree that the EZ-Groomer combs obviously do. Design is everything when it comes to the efficiency of tools, and nature has provided this excellent design. Don't be fooled by the small number of teeth, this is a very dynamic design and the combs require no more teeth to be very effective.

I believe that these very durable grooming tools are the most effective , the easiest to use, and because of their massaging effect, certainly the comb which most pets would like to be groomed with. Quite simply you will not get better value for your pet product dollar, than by purchasing one of these combs. We are also able to ship two or three combs for the price of one—I am certain that you would have a friend that would also want one.   
Ken Ticehurst 

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5-Tooth Ez-Groomer 7-Tooth Ez-Groomer

1 comb @ $9.95 + $8.00 shipping = $17.95
2 combs @ $19.90 + $8.00 shipping = $27.90
1 5-tooth comb +
1 7-tooth comb $19.90 + $8.00 shipping = $27.90

1 comb @ $9.95 + $8.00 shipping = $17.95
2 combs @ $19.90 + $8.00 shipping = $27.90
1 5-tooth comb +
1 7-tooth comb @ $19.90 + $8.00 shipping = $27.90
*International orders are
shipped by air.

3: 7 tooth combs @ $29.85 + $8.00 shipping = $37.85
2: 7 tooth combs + 1: 5 tooth combs @ $29.85 + $8.00 shipping = $37.85

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