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EZ-Groomer 7 tooth combGrooming Instructions for the EZ-Groomer...

  • This comb removes more loose hair than you may be accustomed to. Groom in an appropriate area of your home or yard.

  • This comb retains undercoat fur more effectively if the pet has a damp coat ~ consider grooming your pet after a bath.

  • One of the best attributes of this grooming tool is its ability to comb in all directions. Back-combing can be especially effective on many kinds of pets.

  • The rounded bottom of the tooth should touch the skin in a massaging action. Keep the tips up and the handle parallel to the animal's coat.

  • Please note: This comb is not a toy, keep out of reach of small children, and store in a safe place.

Here's some Quicktime video clips showing the Ez-Groomer in action...

Quicktime is required to view these clips. If you do not have the Quicktime plug-in, you can download it for free here.

Professional Groomers
There is no doubt, considering the number of pets that the professional groomer works on, that they should have at least a few of these undercoat rakes. 200 professional groomers and breeders in the Netherlands have purchased these combs, and for good reason. The professional groomer that I am doing business with in the Netherlands even includes them in his grooming kits for his students. These combs, most importantly, will save the groomer a good deal of work, and provide a more enjoyable experience for their clients' pets.These combs will remove the bulk of the undercoat more easily and in a timely manner. You will be very happy with the results when you try the EZ-Groomer Be sure to read the testimonials to see what customers have to say.


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