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EZ-Groomer 5-tooth grooming comb
The EZ-GROOMER pet grooming comb uses a unique tooth design which gathers undercoat fur in a much more efficient manner than conventional grooming tools.

As each tooth creates a good deal of pull, it was determined that it would be necessary to produce two variations of this grooming comb.

This very durable undercoat rake is without equal in effectiveness and ease of use. In fact, it is rare that form and function come together as well as they do in this comb!

View large detail photo of 7-tooth comb.

We offer a full, money-back guarantee on both styles of the EZ-GROOMER. Try it and you will be amazed at the results and how much your pet enjoys the massaging action. Read our testimonials to see what customers have to say about the EZ-GROOMER.

long-hair dog grooming tool
This dog was groomed with conventional combs the
day before this picture was taken—it shows how truly
dynamic the tooth design is in the EZ-Groomer comb.

Review: EZ-Groomer for Cat Fur Solutions

Cat fur shedding and cat matting becomes a big problem during the spring when the daylight hours get longer. Shorthair kitties may not need a great deal of help, but medium and longhair cats require grooming to keep fur from flying. Grooming to remove shed fur does more than keep your furniture and wardrobe fur-free. It keeps the skin healthy, allows for air circulation so kitty stays cool, and reduces swallowed fur that results in hairballs or (worse) constipation. Enter the EZ-Groomer.

Read full review by Amy D. Shojai, CABC, author of twenty-three cat and dog care books. Amy Shojai is a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant.

Which pet grooming comb is best for your pet?

If your dog is quite matted, it may be best to use the 5-tooth comb first to loosen the matts and then the 7-tooth comb to remove. Otherwise, the following suggestions are made for each comb.

The 7-tooth grooming comb works very well on short and long-haired cats, and dogs with short to medium-length coats such as:

German Shepherd • Terrier • Spaniels • Pekinese • Corgis • Shelties • Pomeranians • Setters • Rottweilers

7-tooth grooming tool for long-haired pets

The 5-tooth grooming comb works exceptionally well on densely-furred dogs such as:

English Sheepdog • Samoyed • Great Pyrenees • Newfoundlanders • Norwegian Elkhounds • Huskies

5-tooth grooming tool for pets with dense fur

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