About EZ Groomer

The EZ-GROOMER pet grooming comb uses a unique tooth design which gathers undercoat fur in a much more efficient manner than conventional grooming tools. As each tooth creates a good deal of pull, it was determined that it would be necessary to produce two variations of this grooming comb.

This very durable undercoat rake is without equal in effectiveness and ease of use. In fact, it is rare that form and function come together as well as they do in this comb!

We offer a full, money-back guarantee on both styles of the EZ-GROOMER. Try it and you will be amazed at the results and how much your pet enjoys the massaging action. Read our testimonials to see what customers have to say about the EZ-GROOMER.

This dog was groomed with conventional combs the day before this picture was taken—it shows how truly dynamic the tooth design is in the EZ-Groomer comb.